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Chef Andy Brooks slinging burgers?
Yep, Chef Andy has come to Bombay’s Burger Bar to create a fantastic burger menu. Incorporating the freshest ingredients with an uncompromising “from scratch” philosophy, Chef Andy is redefining burger consumption in Ventura.

All of our yummy sides, sauces, dressings, condiments and salsas are house made. No additives to prolong shelf life in that Ranch dressing!

Our signature burger is amazing and sure to please purists, but check out our Steakhouse … or the explosive Volcano…. or the Breakfast Burger you just may have to order for dinner – again and again. Ah, decisions, decisions… Would it be so wrong to have a burger twice in a day? We won’t judge.

Sit back in one of our communal booths or sidle up to the bar for some advice on pairing. How about a refreshing organic house made soda? If you’ve clocked out for the day, wipe the froth of a cold IPA from your lips or sip on a “made from scratch” Moscow Mule or Adult Lemonades.
Happy hour anyone? (It’s all day at Bombay’s)

All our burgers are 1/2 pound and Local Grass Fed Beef is an option!

Chef Brooks and Bombays is bringing the burger experience to an all new level in Ventura.

We love burgers, so we want to share them!

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